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BioVendor develops immunoassays for the detection of newly identified protein markers in samples of human or animal origin. This effort has resulted in the release of many products that are unique to the market. The development of new kits is targeted to research groups within the international scientific community as well as to clinical laboratory applications.

Personal Information Protection

BioVendor – Laboratorní medicína a.s., appreciates the trust of its clients and is ready to protect their personal information against potential abuse. The information is collected solely for the purpose of improving our services. We guarantee that the information collected will not be passed over to any third party.

The goal of our company is to offer its clients perfect comfort when ordering goods. For this reason we need to have certain information about our clients. However, this information is used only by our company and there is no possibility whatsoever of such information being disclosed in any form to other persons.

BioVendor – Laboratorní medicína a.s., applies international personal information protection legislation.

Provision of personal information If you become BioVendor customer, you grant your approval with handling of your personal information when registering or sending an order. All your orders are recorded and archived. All provided information is handled exclusively in compliance with the standards and procedures stipulated by law.

BioVendor – Laboratorní medicína a.s. archives the information from your orders. This is a standard procedure which proves necessary primarily in case of complaints. In this way it is also possible to monitor the status of your orders. The data provided are saved in our database and there is no risk of their abuse.

If you no longer wish that your personal data be archived in our database, inform us by phone about this fact. We guarantee that your personal data will be immediately removed from the database.

Provision of information to other persons

We really appreciate the information you provided to BioVendor – Laboratorní medicína a.s., and regard it as strictly confidential. This means that in no case will this information be disclosed to a third party, with the exception of companies that provide for payment transactions (such as banks). However, this is always carried out entirely within the limits stipulated by personal information protection laws.

BioVendor – Laboratorní medicína a.s. informs the public and reliable entities about its activity, in the first place by means of website visit statistics and some customer information. This information never contains any specific data about individual clients.

Latest offers information service

BioVendor clients may choose to be sent BioVendor latest offers to their email addresses. As a rule, these newsletters inform customers about sales, discounts, competitions and various promotion campaigns.

According to the Czech Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on Information Society Services (which BioVendor as a Czech entrepreneurial entity observes), a company does not need customer's prior consent to carry out such activity, provided that the customer had not explicitly refused such service before. This service may be cancelled via a link at the footing in all newsletters you receive from BioVendor in future.

These newsletters are sent approximately 5 times a year. Usually, the newsletters do not exceed 500 kB in size and do not occupy excessive space in client's inbox. In these emails you can also find brief instructions on how to cancel this service.